Last month, February 2020, Prof Sir Michael Marmot produced his 10 year-on review of public health in the UK. It is not a pretty picture: life expectancy has stalled (it stalled in 2017) and is even going down in some parts of the UK; health inequalities are widening. The Review, however, fails to take account of the impact of our increasing exposure to RF-EMR on our health. Is it any wonder that health inequalities are widening when there are phone masts on top of people’s tower blocks?

Curious that the generation that died out in the 1990s were born around the start of the C20th. They may have experienced poverty, hunger, child labour in unhealthy, dangerous coal mines from the age of 12 or 13, deprived even of sunlight; active service in the First World War; poor diets; numerous privations and hardships – and still lived to 80 or 90! Definitely some missing factor in the Marmot Review that makes it more difficult to survive the C21st.